Basic Steps on Creating a Good Song

Music plays a great role in educating, cautioning and entertaining people. However, writing good music is not an easy task. There are numerous musicians who are not famous because their music is not well received. On the other hand, some musicians release a hit after a hit because they have mastered the art of writing good music. It is important to understand that there are basic steps on writing a good song having in mind that people have different tastes and taste may change over time. Here are steps you can follow to write a good song:

1. Look out for an inspiration for your song

Whether you are a singer or an instrumentalist, you need to look out for an inspiration to start writing a song. You can look out for topics or situations to inspire you if you are a singer. However, if you are an instrumentalist, look out for other songs you like, rhythms, chords, keys, melody etc. get an inspiration.

2. Start writing the lyrics


When you get an inspiration, choose a topic which people can relate to or are interested in. with a good topic, people will connect deeply to you and your music. You can write about love, politics, war, marriage and an experience you had etc. You can either write the text first or get an inspiration from instrumentals and beats. This may vary between people depending on what inspired you at first, how you are used to writing your lyrics, whether you are a singer or an instrumentalist and the type of music you want to write.

3. Choose cool chords


The chords you use should be fitting and sound nice. Therefore, to choose the chords you will use, start with the simple chords like C, E, F or G and then check out which other chords can fit. Collect numerous chords which sound nice together so that you can sample them later on. You can get inspiration from other instrumentalists or singers. However, avoid copying other people’s music to be original and unique.

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4. Add melody and rhythm


With the chords you’ve created, you will have to find a suitable melody and rhythm. Remember to experiment with different melodies and rhythms depending on the song you are writing. If your chords are fast, your rhythm and melody should also rhyme. If you are not very good with this, you can get help from experts although you will have to include your ideas and opinions.

5. Writing song chorus


Since a chorus is the hook of every song and it is easily remembered, you need to invest a lot of time here to do it right. Gather as much ideas as possible while checking out which chorus sounds nice. You can write several choruses depending on what you are thinking at the time. After you’ve exhausted all the options, sample the hook and/or lyrics to see what suits best.

6. Writing song verse


Your verses should explain how you are feeling, your experience and your topic. The words you use will be determined by the mood of the song, instrumentals and the topic you’ve chosen. You can write the song verses with or without instrumentals. However, you will have to adjust the lyrics to have a flow.

7. Play and practice the whole song


You’ve made your song lyrics, a chorus and a verse. All that’s remaining is to create a song structure, add any parts you may like and then practice the whole song. You will have to practice a lot, ask for opinions and ideas from trusted professionals or friend since you might miss something. Remember to record your song on a smartphone, a computer or even a sofa session. This recording is not professional but it will help you remember the flow, lyrics, melody, rhythm etc. You will then have to get to a studio, explain your ideas and then start recording your song. You may have to remove or add parts to your song depending on the outcome after recording it.